Since 1919, the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia has served God through the Episcopal faith communities spread across the Southwestern region of Virginia.

One in Mission is a tool that we are using to follow Jesus and live His mission in our time and place.

It is the mission of God to draw all Creation into communion, into right-relationships of mutual well-being that bear the image of the love of the Trinity. How we celebrate our communion as Episcopal congregations in Southwestern Virginia is a part of that larger mission.
— The Rt. Rev. Mark A. Bourlakas, the Sixth Bishop of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia

The Diocese at a glance

  • 54 Faith Communities

  • 3 Schools

  • 1 Camp and Conference Center

  • 1 Mountain Mission Center

  • 1 Young Adult Intentional Community

  • More than 6,000 Families

  • Over 50 Clergy


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